Caption Instagram Tentang Cinta Bahasa Inggris

Situsgokil.topCaption Instagram dalam bahasa inggris tentang cinta akan kita ulas dibawah ini. Jika anda bingung dengan kata bijak cinta dalam bahasa inggris untuk update status serta untuk caption instagram. Maka dari itu saya buatkan referensi kata bijak yang cocok untuk caption instagram.


Berikut ini adalah beberapa quote caption instagram dalam bahasa inggris tentang cinta. Mari simak selengkapnya.

Caption Instagram Cinta

Caption Instagram Cinta

Caption Instagram dalam Bahasa Inggris Tema Cinta

“Be a strong wall in the hard times and be a smiling sun in the good times.”

I shouldn’t be jealous because you aren’t even mine.

“Provision would not be friends with an idleness.”

“Complaining will never solve the problem. Stop complaining and take action!”

“Real success is determined by two factors. First is faith, and second is action.”

“Make a history in your life, not just a story.”

“Cowards always avoid the difficulty while brave are always looking for an opportunity in a difficult situation.”


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You’ll have to let some things go, but that’s life. Move on. Be strong.

One fake friend can do more harm that 15 enemies.

Happy people is not a great man in every way, but one that can find simple things in life and give thanks diligent.

Life is like a piano, white and black. If God play it, all will be a beautiful melody.

Good friends who will not judge each other.

Life is a game with obstacles encountered and when there is a chance, we have to seize it.

Prudence in judging other people’s opinions is the hallmark of mental maturity.

Real power does not hit hard, but right to the target.

Do not judge a person from what he is doing, because you also have to know the reason why he is did it.

Only the man who is in the truth is a free man.

Every dark night is always followed by a beautiful morning.

You do not live at once. You only die once and live every day.

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Demikian kata bijak untuk caption instagram tentang cinta dalam bahasa inggris. Semoga anda paham dengan kata kata dalam bahasa inggris di atas. Jika kurang mengerti dengan artinya silahkan untuki mentranslate ke dalam bahasa indonesia agar mengetahui artinya.


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